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The Tallahassee RollerGirls is a group of women ranging in age from 20 to 50 years old from a variety of backgrounds each possessing a unique set of talents. These ladies utilize and integrate these talents to successfully run the business that is The Tallahassee RollerGirls. These women are not paid for the time and commitment involved, but do so for the love of the sport. Business aside, the women vigorously train while living and breathing skill and strategy to not only bring the full-contact, fast-paced sport of Roller Derby to Tallahassee and North Florida, but to bring the area a team to be proud of.

We're Recruiting New Skaters!

TRG jump

Our first boot camp starts in a little over a week on February 2nd! If you're ready to jump in, here's the form.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of roller derby? Love watching us skate? Think you can hit harder? Come train with us! This year we're changing up the way we train our newest skaters. We will have 2 bootcamps to teach you the basics of roller derby, along with open recruitment days so you can come see if TRG is for you. Both Bootcamps and the Open Recruitment Days are on the Sundays listed below at The Hansel E Tookes Rec Center on FAMU's Campus from 9am to 12pm. Roller derby takes determination and hard work, along with skating skills, strategies and teamwork. We're looking for all levels of skaters that are ready to make Tallahassee roller derby even better! If you are an 18+ female and someone who is willing to fall down and get back up, you can skate with us. Our Bootcamps are designed to teach you skating fundamentals and get you into derby form before moving on to more advanced skills (like hitting and being hit). Skilled skaters are always welcome, but being a member of our team is about what you are willing to learn, not what you already know.



August 2013 MVP Wargasm

TRG MVP of the Month: Dani of the Dead

September 14, 2013 | TALLAHASSEE
Written By: Purr-So-Cute

Our MVP of the Month is Dani of the Dead (# 78), who has been with TRG since 2011!  Watch out for her on the track for when she comes for you she will knock you down with such force that will render you zombielike when you come to and get up.  But don't be afraid, she won't really eat your brains!  She is a real sweetie, and is always an awesome team motivator.  And Dani is very crafty--she makes some amazingly cute monsters of her very own!  Read on to find out more about your MVP of the Month for September 2013, and watch out for Dani of the Dead because "She's coming to get you!"



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2014 TRG Schedule

2/9 JBB at Lakeland 
2/22 CP at New Jax*
3/8 CP vs Savannah*
JBB vs Savannah
3/16 JBB vs Pensacola
3/29 CP at Carolina*
3/30 CP vs Columbia (at Carolina)*
4/12 CP vs Gainesville*
4/26 JBB at Muscogee
5/3 CP at GCDG's Beach Brawl Tournament*
5/17 JBB vs BB Sk8r Dolls B Team
5/31 JBB at Mollyroger
6/21 CP vs Mississppi*
6/28 JBB at BB Sk8r Dolls B Team
7/19 CP vs Big Easy*
JBB vs Crescent Wenches
8/9 CP vs Hub City*
JBB vs Pensacola
9/13 CP vs Gold Coast*
10/4 CP at Gainesville*
10/11 JBB vs Pearl River
10/18 CP at Savannah*

Home Games at Hansel E Tookes Rec Center.
*WFTDA sanctioned game that contributes to rankings.

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