2018 Exercise Challenge

Have you ever wondered what roller derby players do to train, besides skate? What if you could help some of your favorite Tallahassee RollerGirls train even harder (whether they like it or not)? We’re doing an exercise challenge fundraiser from April 1, 2018 – May 6, 2018 where you can pay to help any or all of your favorite local skaters! $1 will make the skater of your choosing do 1 burpee, squat, or sit up. Want to make it interesting and make them do more than 1? Just choose a higher dollar amount!

Skaters will have to ‘payout’ their burpees, squats, or sit ups on Sunday nights. Pictures and videos will be posted on Mondays here and to our Facebook page so you can see the joy (or suffering). All donations from Sunday-Saturday will be added together so you can donate just once or weekly! Help us get stronger and support your local roller derby.

Week 1Comet Atya, Rita Maneata, and Audrey Scorn

Week 2 – Everyone, Rainbow RockHit, Listen Linda, and Comet Atya

You can choose from the following skaters:

Moxie Knockout #00
Daisy Cutter #2
Freak Show #3
Sox Populi #4
Speed Racer #5
Milkfat #7
Rainbow RockHit #8
Audrey Scorn #16
Bold Move Buttons #17
Erin Breakabitch #38
Diana Hitcha #39
Clash Wednesday #46
Listen Linda #81
BalticBlitz #86
Fired Up #100
Rita Maneata #106
Comet Atya #138
Good N Eva #5221


Skater Name