April Member of the Month: #58 Min Diesel


April Member of the Month: Min Diesel #58


How does so much awesomeness fit inside of one human being? This is what we ask ourselves every time we interact with this month’s League Member of the Month, #58 Min Diesel.

We chose to highlight Min Diesel because of her dedication to the league and support of new and veteran skaters alike. Read on to find out more about why we love this badass lady so much.

After having her daughter, Mindy “Min Diesel” Rodriguez was rediscovering herself as a new person. She was a mom now, and along with that new identity, she was looking for a way to get active again. Having no prior experience with team sports, she naturally chose one of the most difficult — roller derby.

She got involved with the Tallahassee Rollergirls after a bootcamp event two years ago. She passed her skills to become a fully qualified skater in July 2018 and has been a blocker in two games so far.

This year, she’s taken on a new role as one of our 2019 skater advocates. She helps the team stay focused on their mission by acting as a mediator if there is a disagreement among league members. It seems a fitting position for someone with such a strong connection to the purpose and values of the sport.

“Derby means the world to me,” she explained. “Before derby I only had doubts about what I could do and what I could become. [Now] I know that I can do anything I put my mind to. Even if I “fail” I have an amazing family to help pick me up, start over, and try again until I succeed.”


“Even if I “fail” I have an amazing family to help pick me up, start over, and try again until I succeed.”

At the beginning of our 2019 season, Mindy experienced a rib injury that forced her to be “no-contact” for more than eight weeks — meaning she was unable to practice hitting, one of the most important skills for a blocker, for the better part of two months.

But Mindy still came to every single practice during those eight weeks so she could continue to learn and stay up-to-speed. When she started up again, it was like she hadn’t missed a beat. She was back to her previous skill level instantly, and she even seriously improved her on-skates footwork and team leadership. Talk about a comeback.

Now that she’s all healed up, this rising star is ready for more. In the 2019 season, Min Diesel is looking forward to getting stronger than she’s ever been and making the team’s veteran players proud.

Even with all of the responsibility that comes with being a parent, partner, and player, Mindy finds ways to show appreciation for the ones who contribute to her success. Her number, 58, is her husband’s birthday, “Because he always has my back,” she said.

See Min Diesel in action at our next home game on May 11. Get your tickets here.

April Member of the Month: #58 Min Diesel