December 2015 Skater of the Month: Freak Show


12032129_464361117059068_4489145317414586210_nOur skater of the month for December is….

Freak Show!

How did you pick your derby name?

When I was in fresh meat training I was the tallest/ biggest skater in my training class. A lot of the trainees were afraid of me because of my size. So, the name Freak Show was pretty fitting. I’m a fan of the magicians Penn and Teller. Their solution to every card trick is the 3 of clubs, which is why my derby number is 3.

What position do you play?

I’m a blocker/ pivot and sometimes a jammer.

How long have you been skating and why did you join? Any skating/athletic background?

The 2016 season will be my 7th season of playing derby. I was recruited from an open skate back when I lived in Tampa. A derby girl came up to me and said “You’re a giant and you can already skate! Come to our tryouts.” 

Growing up, I always played sports. I played a lot of the sports that traditionally tall people play; basketball and volleyball, but I really didn’t like it. I threw shot put and discus for my high school track team and realized at that point that I liked “power sports”. I’ve skated since I was little because my grandma, who grew up a rink rat, bought me my first pair of quad skates. For me, derby is the perfect combination of skating skill and strength where I can use my size to my advantage.

What’s your favorite overall thing about roller derby and/or your favorite moment in derby so far?

My favorite thing about derby is how our sport is ever-evolving. There is nothing static about derby. There are always new skills to learn, new strategies to try, and new techniques to perfect. It keeps things interesting.

What was something unexpected that you got out of roller derby?

Back in 2011, I started coaching junior roller derby for Pinellas County Junior Derby. I didn’t realized how much teaching young skaters would change me as a skater and as a person. It has made me conscious of how I conduct myself on the track and has made me strive to be the best skater that I can be. I know they are watching the adults and as they age out, will be our teammates. The juniors have no fear or apprehension about trying new skills that adults can sometimes have. I have definitely learned to be fearless from them. I had hang up my junior coaching wheels when I transferred to Tallahassee, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss working with the juniors. But I know that I am the skater I am today and that I get to wear the Capital Punishments uniform because of my experience them.

What do you feel proud about so far?

First off, i’m just proud of how far I’ve come as a skater. In particular, how far I’ve come in the short time I’ve been with Tallahassee. My best moment of this last season is when myteam trusted me enough to put me in as a jammer when we played against Tampa at Franky Panky. Imanaged to get a few points and I didn’t die!

Any advice to the derby world?

DO YOUR OFF-SKATES!!!! You can skate all you want, but you will not get better as a skater if you don’t cross train. Everything you do in the gym translates to the track. Go for a run, lift weights, swim, do yoga! It doesn’t matter what it is…. Just Work Out Outside Of Practice!


December 2015 Skater of the Month: Freak Show