Contacts for Interest in becoming Team TRG

If you want join us for bootcamp, contact: Freak Show

If you are interested in transferring, or dropping in on a practice, contact: Training
If you want join as skating or non-skating official, contact: Aggie Battery
If you want to join our bout day crew as a volunteer, fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire
If you are a business owner interested in sponsoring TRG, contact: Erin Breakabitch

Become a Skater

Have you ever wanted to be a part of roller derby? Love watching us skate? Think you can hit harder or make a better call? Come train with us!
Sunday, January 28, 2018, was the first day of our bootcamp for the 2018 season. If you couldn’t make it, don’t stress, bootcamp will have open sessions on the first Sunday of each month through September!
  • When: Sundays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Where: 130 Four Points Way, Tallahassee, FL
  • Cost: First practice is always FREE! After that, boot camp costs $20 per month, or $5 per session.
  • Equipment: Safety equipment and skates are available for use during practice however, participants are strongly encouraged to purchase their own gear before completion of boot camp. Make sure you bring a mouth guard and a water bottle, we can’t loan you those.

Join our Bootcamp to learn the basics of roller derby, or stop into one of our open recruitment days to see if TRG is for you. Roller derby takes determination and hard work, along with skating skills, strategies and teamwork. We’re looking for all levels of skaters that are ready to make Tallahassee roller derby even better! If you are an 18+ female and someone who is willing to fall down and get back up, you can skate with us. Our Bootcamps are designed to teach you skating fundamentals and get you into derby form before moving on to more advanced skills (like hitting and being hit). Skilled skaters are always welcome, but being a member of our team is about what you are willing to learn, not what you already know.

Come prepared to sweat! Don’t be intimidated if you can’t skate or haven’t skated in years. We’ll do warm ups, stretching and then get into more drills and skills. Feel free to ask questions and get to know the girls you’re skating with.


If you’re interested in becoming a non-skating member, click here.