March Member of the Month: SHOWTIME!


March Member of the Month: Showtime!


Are you hyped for the first game of 2019 this weekend? Get ready for more excitement coming your way because our March Member of the Month is none other than our funny and fantastic game announcer, Showtime!

Showtime has been with the Tallahassee RollerGirls since our inception — that’s 13 years! — and he is a major supporter of the league in so many ways. Of course he’s the crowd hype-man during the games (anyone who’s ever heard “Oh Tallahasseeeee!” before the first whistle will understand!). He also serves as a self-proclaimed “derby ambassador” who preaches the good word of roller derby to all.

A convert to the world of derby himself, Showtime found out about the sport through MySpace. He eventually got involved as a volunteer and the league president at the time told him he simply had to be the game announcer because of his terrific voice.

Preparing to announce an entire bout isn’t easy. Showtime starts his game prep at least one week out. He’ll get the roster information to familiarize himself with the names and numbers of skaters and, because he also provides his own gear, he makes sure his mic and other equipment is in good working order.

“Game day is done in phases” he says. “First it’s setup, making sure audio — and video if needed — is set up and tested. Then 45 minutes or so pre-game I go and get into my ‘bout-fit’ which is obviously a lot of fun. Then I go out to mix with the crowd. There’s the final mic check then, as the name implies, IT’S SHOWTIME!”

“Oh Tallahasseeeeee!”

Showtime loves the sport as much as our skaters do. “Derby is in almost every country on the planet and proves time and time again that there is no ‘perfect’ body type,” he said. “From tiny powerhouse blockers to plus size ultra agile jammers and everything in between, you never know what you can do till after you do it!”

As someone who gets a unique view of the game, he appreciates the sport on a different level than most. He says that getting to hear and see the subtle communication between skaters is a major benefit of being an announcer, and isn’t something you always get from being a spectator or a player.

And of course, getting the crowd riled up before the game or after a crazy jam is one of the things Showtime loves most.

“Derby is in almost every country on the planet and proves time and time again that there is no ‘perfect’ body type.”

Outside of his announcer duties, Showtime has worked as a 9-1-1 dispatcher/communications training officer for the last 27+ years. He also studies Upkudo karate, loves to hike, and enjoys spending time with his wife and pets.

Showtime is looking forward to his 13th season with us. He said, “I look forward to seeing our newest skaters grow and our veteran skaters rocking the track.”

Thanks for all you do for us, Showtime! As Member of the Month, Showtime will receive a complimentary float session from our sponsors at Driftaway Float Center.

You can see Showtime in action this Saturday, March 16, at our first game of the 2019 season. Get more details and tickets here!

March Member of the Month: SHOWTIME!