Big Lebrawlski

Big Lebrawlski
What year did you join TRG?
Current Team
Capital Punishment

How did you come up with your derby name? Does it have any meaning?

Obviously I’m a fan of the movie The Big Lebowski. If you don’t like it, well, that’s just like, your opinion, man.


How did you get involved in roller derby? How did you wind up with TRG?

TRG was on my radar when I moved to Tallahassee in 2010 but I didn’t have the guts to start skating. Luckily when I met my coworker and former teammate Hot Legs she urged me to try it out and I joined bootcamp in January 2014 without ever seeing a game!


Likes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

Big hits that make the crowd gasp, cats, pizza, coffee, punk shows, books, PBR, art.


Dislikes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

Knee pads that slip, cilantro, the patriarchy, small talk.


Why is TRG (or roller derby) important to you?

Roller derby is important to me because generally it is an empowering, inclusive, supportive community. Playing with TRG has helped me realize my strength and ability as a fat athlete, has given me a healthier relationship with my body, and has made me more confident.

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