Bold Move Buttons

Bold Move Buttons
What year did you join TRG?
Current Team
Capital Punishment

How did you come up with your derby name? Does it have any meaning?

I came into derby with the nickname Buttons and found a way to make BOLD MOVES by incorporating it into my derby name. Just out here thriving.


How did you get involved in roller derby? How did you wind up with TRG?

I am a spontaneous and impulsive person, so when I stumbled across the chicks in bowls youtube channel, I found TRG and been rolling with them since! #getwrecked


What do you do outside of derby?

Studying to be a geologist, specifically volcano scientist


Likes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

Vegan mac n chez, pizza, anything and everything with carbs. Also puns, especially rock puns. GNEISS RIGHT


Dislikes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

The beach in the day time, UV rays, hot weather. *AKA struggles of a vampire raised in Florida*


Why is TRG (or roller derby) important to you?

TRG is my family and support system. They get me out of the house and away from the books to remind me that not everything has to be so gosh darn serious. Every moment I am on my skates, I am grateful (even if I may not seem like it) that I am able to be involved in the sport.

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