Fired Up

Fired Up
What year did you join TRG?
Current Team
Capital Punishment

How did you come up with your derby name? Does it have any meaning?

I’ve  always had too much energy, so I’m always “fired up” and  ready for anything.


How did you get involved in roller derby? How did you wind up with TRG?

I was looking for something fun to do, with a group of people. I’ve rollerskated my whole life, and figured Derby would be the natural next step.  I started in Gainesville, then work transferred me to Tallahassee, where I met this wonderful group of ladies.


What do you do outside of derby?

I am an Insurance Auditor. It’s not a very friendly job.  No one ever wants to meet with me – and when they do, they are not happy about it. I also travel a lot, play Steel Drums, do some Clogging, and a ton of Handyman work and dog sitting for others.


Any fun derby stories you’d like to share?

My first year in, I was still learning, and new. I was excited I made the roster for the B team, and actually played a little, it was slightly scary at first, but I lived. The next month, I made the roster for the A team. I was absolutely terrified!  ( I’m not that good) The captain came over, and assured me that I would be sitting the bench the whole game. I’ve never been so happy to not play in my life!  Our A-Team is really good.


Likes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

I like the fact that Derby doesn’t care about your size, your age, your personal beliefs or orientation. If you can hold your own on the track, you’re accepted. That’s not true in anything else I’ve seen the real world.


Dislikes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

I don’t like mean people.  To say something to intentionally hurt someone’s feelings is wrong.  We were put on this earth to love each other. That’s what I intend to do!


Why is TRG (or roller derby) important to you?

I never did any sports in school, and I never felt the comraderie of being a part of a team. This group is about the best team anyone could ask for. We’re tough, we’re fun, we’re diverse, and we got each other‘s back.  Talk about a dedicated workout accountability buddy too.  Three practices a week, keeps you dedicated.

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