Good and Eva

Good and Eva
What year did you join TRG?
Current Team
Team Zebra

How did you come up with your derby name? Does it have any meaning?

My dad (a pastor) and I had to sit down and write out every possible “Eva” pun we could think of. At the time, I was skating on a team that had only ever called me by my first name, so it made sense to keep my derby name related. When I switched over to being a referee, the name just got more appropriate.


How did you get involved in roller derby? How did you wind up with TRG?

I started skating with the Molly Roger Rollergirls in 2014, but when I started school at Florida State in the fall of 2015 I made the switch to Tallahassee Rollergirls.


What do you do outside of derby?

I am an Interior Architecture and Design major at Florida State University. I also knit and have doing bonsai for 10 years.


Any fun derby stories you’d like to share?

I picked up roller derby for a mandatory high school project my senior year. The first game I ever played was just 3 days after I graduated.


Likes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

Cats, feminists, the Hulk, Rococo decorative arts, and unexpected star passes


Dislikes? (Anything, derby or just in general)



Why is TRG (or roller derby) important to you?

TRG was the first community in Tallahassee that welcomed me when I got here 3 years ago. They are my patient teachers as I’m learning to referee, and for that I am so grateful. These things make this community one that is full of role models, and I can’t pull myself away from something like that.

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