What year did you join TRG?
Current Team
TRG Volunteers

How did you come up with your derby name? Does it have any meaning?

When you get up to face the day – It’s SHOWTIME

When you standup to face your greatest for – It’s SHOWTIME


And when I stand up to bring the noise and get the derby party started- you guessed it – ITS SHOWTIME!!!


What year did you join TRG?



How did you get involved in roller derby? How did you wind up with TRG?

Way back in the days of MySpace I started s geographic search to see who else was on this whole new (at that time) social media thing. I saw a cove photo that looked like it was done in a style that I like. I friended her and sort of spread out from there. I saw a note about Tallahassee RollerGirls. I became curious. After a month or so a call for volunteers went out. Come to find out the league president happened to be a friend of mine. I volunteered thinking it was old school banked track derby. A few days later I received a call from my friend who told me (not asked , told) that they wanted me to be their announcer. The rest as they say is history….


What do you do outside of derby?

Martial arts instructor, hiker, biker (bicycle), mischief maker


Any fun derby stories you’d like to share?

I’ll save most for the after party…. but I will say I was once recognized at a statewide tournament by my belt buckle!


Likes? (Anything, derby or just in general)

The intensity in the eyes of the skaters when they engage the pack. The breeze from the jammer when she blasts through the pack. The smiles at the end of the bout by not just the winners but also the losing team and the fans because we all know how much fun derby is!


Dislikes? (Anything, derby or just in general)



Why is TRG (or roller derby) important to you?

I view TRG as not just my home team but as part of my family. Like a whole host of younger siblings that I’ve had the joy and honor to not only announce for but to watch them grow up and change the face of the sports world. To show people who came in as skeptics that derby is a sport and that TRG is their team!