Bangarang Rufio

Bangarang Rufio #0

What is the origin of your derby name/persona?

You can call me RUE – I got my name from the 1991 movie ‘Hook’. Rufio was leader of the Lost Boys and was a total bad ass – two characteristics I like to embody on the track. If something is ‘bangarang’ it means to be awesome.

What year did you join TRG?


Primary position?


What do you do outside of roller derby?

I’m the Financial and HR representative for the Department of Art Education at FSU by day and make art by night.

Prior athletic background?

I was on my High School’s swim team for 3 years. Mainly only yoga and going to gym group classes on and off through college. My skating experience was only skating around on roller blades in Middle School with the occasional ice skating rink on Holidays.

How did you get into roller derby?

I met a few rollergirls in other circles and just showed up to ‘Fundies’ one day without ever even seeing a game! I love learning something new!


MVP Blocker CP vs Penscola Roller Gurlz 2015

MVP Blocker CP vs Classic City 2015

TRG Spirit 2014

MVP Jailbreak Betties Blocker 2013

“You Get Around” 2012

What is an unexpected way derby has impacted your life?

I’ve become more involved with my community and developed a stronger sense of self.

What is one piece of advice you would give to newer league members or those who are thinking about joining roller derby?

You can be at any commitment level, athletic ability, or background and you are still a member of TRG. I really liked out mantra last season – “I am TRG. WE are TRG.”