Gucci Maim

Gucci Maim #1017

Gucci Maim #1017

What is the origin of your derby name/persona?

I’m an ignorant rap aficionado with my idol being Gucci Mane. 1017 Brick Squad is his record label. So – that’s where it comes from! SQUAD.

What year did you join TRG?


Primary position?


What do you do outside of roller derby?

I’m a Sexual Health Educator at Florida State.

Prior athletic background?

All the sports. I’ve always been an athlete, from individual things such as weight lifting and running to team sports like football, softball, soccer, and basketball. If I’m not working, you typically can find me at a gym on on a court somewhere. 

How did you get into roller derby?

I moved to Tallahassee almost two years ago and wanted to meet like-minded individuals. In the past that’s always been via school and sports. I saw a flyer at New Leaf advertising an upcoming bout so I googled, saw the bootcamp dates, and showed up. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to newer league members or those who are thinking about joining roller derby?

Just do it.