Babe Watch


Babewatch #23

Babe Watch #23

What is the origin of your derby name/persona?

I had a tough time thinking of a derby name so the team helped me out. I work as a lifeguard during the week so my name, Babewatch, is a reference to the TV series Baywatch.

What year did you join TRG?


Primary position?


What do you do outside of roller derby?

I work at the city pools and I am currently in EMT school.  

Prior athletic background?

I played rugby for FSU for 4 years and swam in high school. I also make myself run (even though it’s awful sometimes). Prior to derby, my experience on skates consisted of attending roller skating birthday parties and slipping around on a pair of rollerblades I got when I was 6. 

How did you get into roller derby?

After graduation I missed contact sports and I especially missed all the bruises so I walked up to the first car I saw with a roller derby sticker and asked how to join. The next Sunday I showed up for boot camp and the rest is history.