Betsy Boss

Betsy Boss #1776

Betsy Boss  #1776

What is the origin of your derby name/persona?

Betsy Ross: Badass Quaker bitch who done sewed the ‘Merican flag! Also Betsy is a bee/spirit animal/fisher woman from a past life..and my great grandmothers namesake.

What year did you join TRG?


Primary position?


What do you do outside of roller derby?

Nurse, TT, Surf, Run, Hike, and Camp

Prior athletic background?

Swim team/water polo, Cross country/track, Soccer, Pole vaulting, and Flag football 

How did you get into roller derby?

A friend invited me to the awesome off skates workout! Then I went to a bout and have been hooked ever since!

What is an unexpected way derby has impacted your life?

Improved my health & fitness, confidence,  and sense of community.

What is one piece of advice you would give to newer league members or those who are thinking about joining roller derby?

Just do it! And remember: nothing worth having or doing is free of hard work and dedication.